I sought out a project for 4th Grade that promoted positive behavior and incorporated ELA activities.  This book popped up in a search:  "How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids" by Tom Rath, Mary Reckmeyer, Maurie J. Manning (Illustrator). 
Students were so excited by the idea of creating a bucket and filling it.  There was a rapid fire of amazing words, phrases, ideas for filling their own bucket and the buckets of others.  They wanted to know if they could mix, match and trade the words.

I had 3 ideas for creating buckets and I tried all of them.
The top is Drawing & Shading a bucket.  Cutting a slot at the top and just gluing around the outside edges of the bucket so that the words can be tucked in, removed, traded.

Neon Paint and watercolor buckets came out great too but I hadn't worked out actually putting the words in yet and students glued them everywhere.  They didn't want to cover the awesome paint

An actual 3D bucket was fun but the words were lost in the bottom of the bucket and some slid through the little spaces students left during construction.  Students ended up gluing the words around the outside of the bucket because they wanted them to be visible

The words in the examples show a sampling of the 4th Grade work

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