This project is a keeper.  Use it early on to introduce white school glue.  Model opening and shutting the cap.  Troubleshoot by removing dried glue from the cap.  Then tell them the secret to being the master of the white glue.  Little dots, hold it down for 30 real seconds (count to ten 3 times).  Demonstrate counting like this:  One and two and three....
Have them put too much glue on paper so they can see firsthand how the paper strips slide right off.  Small dots and counting means they can make roller coasters, race tracks, water slides that will not fall off the paper even if they turn it upside down and shake.
For the rest of class, they practice being masters.
No hand washing required.  Model rubbing the dried glue off of your hands
Don't forget the fake glue (I learned this from another art teacher).  Pretend to hold an invisible glue container over a chair seat.  Pretend to squeeze some out and sit in it, pretend to be stuck.  They will all want you to put the invisible glue on their seats and they will happily stay "stuck" to their seats as they work.  14 years and no one has really squeezed glue out on their seat.

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