Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Hyde Museum

Our local museum is so beautiful.  We are so lucky to have it.  These phone photos don't even do it justice.  Shout out to Jenny Hutchinson, Curator Of Museum Education & Programming.  She does an amazing job! Link to the website below.

The Hyde Collection

Art Show Season

I feel a little bit funny posting about the recipients of this years local art competitions because it is my daughter and her friends.  They are Seniors at our small K-12 School.
Congratulations to my daughter whose work landed in the top 100.  Blind adjudication, annual High School show at the Hyde in Glens Falls, NY.  The show is on display for a month.  
Her friend, landed in the top 200!

Years ago when I was in HS I remember people saying that I had an advantage because both of my parents were Art Teachers.  Even in college I had a professor say (in the middle of a class critique) that the style of the art work that I brought from home was different than the style of my work from school.  He was right about the different style.  His assumption that my parents were helping me was incorrect.  They didn't have time and neither do I. 
Just like me, the art my daughter creates at home is a higher quality than what she creates at school.  I'm guessing time and distractions are factors.

As the child of an art teacher you may have an advantage because of the environment you live in.  My parents enjoyed brainstorming.  It was like a game we played.  One would introduce an idea and the rest would rapidly shout out ideas.  Those ideas would lead to new ideas we hadn't even thought of before.  Fun games!