Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photo + Doodle

HS Digital Photography assignment.  Mixing a Doodle with a real object in a photograph.

Last Day of Art

Why not draw a cat with your toes

Simple One Point Perspective

This project is adapted from a photo originating from Apex HS Blog re: tape murals.  Within a day the tape murals we put up on the walls had fallen (maybe changes in temperature or the colored tape purchased).   So instead, rolled paper was cut the size of the tables in the art room and the class was divided into six teams.  They were given a list of one point perspective tasks that the team could complete any way they wanted.  These are labeled with perspective terms/vocab.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Putting Photos Into Text

HS Digital Photo Grades 10,11,12.  There are two easy Photoshop Tutorials for this project.  So far the tutorials found online require several changes before they are ready for a HS class.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stocking Sculpture with Patterns

Introduced HS Studio Art to contemporary sculpture.  Post construction introduced traditional patterns from around the world.

Adventure is out there!

A paper bag vest tutorial inspired by a Pin

HS Studio Art Starry Night Mural

18 Students, 3 to 4 boxes each.  Some students absent on the days we trekked out to the parking lot.  Rain predicted every day but it waited until we were done.  Used a chalk line to make the grid.  Snapped it down fast.

MS/HS Visual Art Awards

Inspiration for this certificate came from The 2008 Boston Art Awards. Winners were awarded a certificate-trophy found on this blog: I drew this one myself using the Boston award as a guide.

Light Painting with HS Digital Photo

Reserved the auditorium for light painting with 10,11,12 Digital Photo Class.  Pitch black with the lights off.  Loaded up on glow sticks and flashlights.  Set up tripods and teams.  Photo above was staged by Brianna Ballew and taken by Caitlin Roberts.

Marble Painting with Kindergarten

4 Large, shallow plastic totes were set up in the Art Room today along with tempera paint, paper and glitter.  Students place paper in the tote, then squeeze a few globs of tempera paint on it and add a hand full of marbles.  Students shimmy and rock the tote.  The marbles run through the paint across the paper making random marks, mixing the paint and causing delight.  Topped off with glitter that sticks to the paint.  It is marbelous.