Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sun Prints Cyanotypes

Today - Sun Prints Cyanotypes

*First gather items for your print
*Pin Sun Sensitive Paper to cardboard
*Place items on paper.  Pin if necessary 
*Place in the sun for 7 to 15 minutes
*Rinse under running water for 2 minutes
*Soak in clean water for 10
*Remove and let dry

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Portrait out of Tea ephemera

My favorite tea is Harney & Sons Spicy Black Tea, Hot Cinnamon Spice.  This school year I saved the packages, the packets and the tags so that I could create a portrait.
The inspiration came from High School Art Trivia (played in those last few moments of class at the conclusion of a project).
 The trivia read that English artist Andy Brown created a portrait of Queen Elizabeth out of tea bags.
Here it is, there is a likeness in the eyes and hair but the chin and neck are off a bit.  Still happy.

Copper Foil Journal

I can't pass up a book jam packed with art projects and supplies.  This one was published in 2000 by KLUTZ and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Called:  A Book of Artrageous Projects.  I am going to try them all in hopes of having fresh Elementary ideas.
This one is a Copper Foil Journal & Arm Band
 Foil cover is 4 x 7 with a 1" tab.  Paper inside 3.5 x 6.5 (6 might be a better fit).  Plastic texture plate provided in book.
2 x 7 - Used poster board to guide the folded edges of the foil 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Make Your Own Egg Tempera

3 Years ago I took a group on  Museum trip and the activity was making egg tempera Illuminated Letters.  I thought it was terribly risky with the possibility of Salmonella.  Even if you wash your hands you still have the painting to take home.  Students loved the activity.  Crushing the pigment with a mortar and pestle, cracking the eggs open and mixing it.  
I've been meaning to complete this activity myself since then.  Finally did it today.  I still don't want to take the risk of doing this in my classroom.  Maybe a demo with student helpers, then just use regular tempera.
The yolk from our free range chickens is an intense yellow.  It affected the color mixing!

  Draw letter with a permanent marker
 Powdered Pigment, Egg 
Separate the yolk from the white

  Add a little water
Add Powdered Pigment to Egg Yolk/Water
Mix with a whisk or fork
The black just mixed right in
Other colors were grainy

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Washing Smocks

School is officially out for the summer!  School Breaks come just in time to prepare for the next leg of the teaching journey.  
Day one of break - Washing Smocks!  
This is just the first batch, stay tuned!
Batch 2 Mid-day
All finished 7:00 pm
I started to slack on the folding and the very top of the pile requires mending

Friday, June 23, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Those old Roll the Dice Drawing Games

Those old Roll the Dice Drawing Games!
Big Thanks to the original inventor and also to the teachers that shared iterations.  I dug them out the other day for a 4th grade class and they were so excited.  They were quiet, working together, being nice to each other - at the end of the year!  They made some fantastic drawings
BUT the best part was that they made their own categories.  So funny and interesting that other students wanted to play the NEW games.
It inspired me to make more.  If interested, click on the links below

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Parting Gifts

Tried to elevate these plain black journals with a laminated quote by Kobi Yamada

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Digital Media Final

Working Today, since early this morning, on a final exam that can include elements of every project completed this year.  Minimum 8 elements.  Open Book in a way, as the hand-made test booklet has little bits of each project in it.  It is a Self-Portrait Collage,  Example Below.
So Proud of my 4th year students that have submitted hand drawn elements to be included in their collages.
New Elective = Tons of work = Good, interesting work!