Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pixelated Paintings

Minecraft is popular with the younger population at my school.  I recently developed some plans for pixelated paintings and I thought they might be useful for others.  I used 12X12 stretched canvas as a starting point.  Some of them divided into 2" squares making 6 squares across and down.  Then some 1 1/2" grids making 8 squares across.

In Microsoft Word I made some one inch graph paper by inserting an 8 X 8 table and stretching the spaces to the inch marks on the rulers.  Students can plan their painting by coloring in the blank grid.

In Adobe Photoshop I created 1" grids using the line tool while viewing the ruler.  I made a template with 8 squares across and another with 6.  Within this template I could use the paint bucket tool and the color selector to quickly fill in several examples.

Students can create their own Minecraft skins using an app called Skin Creator Pro (Seejaykay). The possibilities for paintings are endless.  My daughter uses this app on her iPod but it is available on other devices as well.

8 square Rainbow

6 square Rainbow

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