Sunday, June 5, 2016

Painting with Coffee

Painting with coffee!  Students prepared their palettes starting with the darkest which was 2 heaping spoons of instant decaf in hot water from the sink tap (equal parts water in 5 styrofaom cups).  The lesson presentation was about Value & Sepia:  How it is used in film (Wizard of Oz), photography & art.
It smells wonderful and produces dramatic changes as it dries.  While the watercolor paper was wet it looked as if the coffee was all one value.  When it dried you could clearly see dark to light.  Some students left the art room disappointed and returned to find beautiful value paintings.  In fact this project left so fast I didn't even get photos.  Students came during lunch and before dismissal to take them home. 
Just the scale below I used as an example of setting up the palette.
Some 9th Grade Examples

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