Saturday, March 4, 2017

NAEA 2017 Art Bot Workshop

What a fun time at the NAEA Conference!
Here is Workshop II
This was the first time I had ever presented this workshop.  There were a lot of smiles. I am thankful for such a great group of participants!

 I love the safety glasses that were purchased at the Fire for a dollar.  They are so stylish!

 This young lady from Colorado attended both of my workshops.  I didn't make it to the Pop-Tart Cafe.  Hope you had the chance to walk around and decompress.
So many extension ideas from this participant on texture that I can't wait to try 

 Art Teacher and Coach - - "Mark 1" :)

Art Bot Mash-Up

The Bouncer!  Mr. Gould.  He really had a job cut out for him!
The Spread 

The Finish Line

I had a few requests for a Modified Art Bot Lab that is still in its development stage.  Here is a link to the PDF


  1. I am so excited to try this out. I think my art club will really love making these!