Monday, June 26, 2017

Make Your Own Egg Tempera

3 Years ago I took a group on  Museum trip and the activity was making egg tempera Illuminated Letters.  I thought it was terribly risky with the possibility of Salmonella.  Even if you wash your hands you still have the painting to take home.  Students loved the activity.  Crushing the pigment with a mortar and pestle, cracking the eggs open and mixing it.  
I've been meaning to complete this activity myself since then.  Finally did it today.  I still don't want to take the risk of doing this in my classroom.  Maybe a demo with student helpers, then just use regular tempera.
The yolk from our free range chickens is an intense yellow.  It affected the color mixing!

  Draw letter with a permanent marker
 Powdered Pigment, Egg 
Separate the yolk from the white

  Add a little water
Add Powdered Pigment to Egg Yolk/Water
Mix with a whisk or fork
The black just mixed right in
Other colors were grainy

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