Thursday, April 28, 2016

Reusable Bag Apron

I found a 10 minute (reusable bag) apron tutorial on Pinterest. 
It really was 10 minutes! I made two in less than 20
  Pictured above is the first attempt:
1.  A .99 cent reusable bag.
2. Cut the sides off leaving the raw edges on the stretched out bag.
3. Cut one handle off.
4. Fold stretched out bag in half and taper to the remaining handle.  I used another apron for a pattern.
5. Fold the bottom of the bag up forming a pocket.
6. Pin and sew.
7. Sew polyester bag straps on sides. I purchased 2 yards for $1.50 so that I could cross the straps in the back, bring them back around front and tie in a bow.

3 additional tips
1. Test your machine on a scrap.  This particular bag material could not take more than one run across.

2. Sew the side straps on the same way the bag handle is sewn.
3. The poly bag strap material can be sealed so it won't unravel.  Similar to working with paracord (I don't recommend this without a high level of adult supervision and ventilation).
You could run a zig zag stitch over it instead.

Here is the second apron.  Love these!
A huge sturdy pocket is formed by folding and sewing the bottom of the bag.  You can choose the size of the pocket by how much you fold.

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