Thursday, July 14, 2016

Have Paint - Will Travel

I need to travel with small watercolor pallettes and my budget will not allow for the convenient traveling paint pallettes from art supply.  Here are the search results:  

This is a pill box from the dollar store.  The containers work really well and the rainbow helps with color selection but they all stack and twist.  There is only one cap for the top.  Stacking and twisting isn't easy.

$2 for a set of 3 boxes.  The color of the box affects the paint color and the compartments are not ideal.  The lids might leak on the trip home.

This pill box is less than a dollar.  Easy open - if you apply pressure in the correct area.  I would suggest getting white/clear because the color of the container affects the color of paint.

And The WINNER Is!

This pill box is less than a dollar.  It is the least attractive but the most practical.  Tons of space for a full palette.  The lids remove completely.  Stay shut tight, easy open

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